Wednesday, 21 November 2018


The Student Councillors helped the PTA and the school to raise funds by selling the glow sticks and second hand school uniforms.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Welcome to Term 4!

This term's value is Responsibility.

Being responsible means doing something that you are expected to do and accept the consequences (results) of your actions.

How to be responsible in the classroom?

Zayan: Our group is going to share some ways in which you can be responsible in the classroom.

Sukhlyn: One way is by taking ownership of your own learning.

Japneet: You can also help by emptying the rubbish bin if you are a rubbish bin monitor.

Zayan: Another way to be responsible in our classroom is by putting our chairs down in the morning and during home time.

Saunik: We should always go to the options program if you are in an option group.

Zoey: Helping class members who are new to the school is a very responsible thing to do.

Zayan: Taking the lunch basket to the lunchroom if you are the lunch monitor is a great way of being responsible.

Brandon: Always pack up after using reading, writing, math, and wet day games.

Japneet: Make sure you look after your belongings such as books, pens, lunch .

Alvin: Always remember to be responsible and do the right thing in the classroom!

How to be responsible outside the classroom?

Sharon: This term our value is Responsibility. We will present to you some ways on how to be responsible outside the classroom at break times.

Uzair: One way of being responsible at break times is to look after your belongings such as lunch box, drink bottle, sports equipment and hat

Travis: Always play on the right playground - the juniors on the junior playground and the seniors on the senior playground.

Arya: Do not eat while playing on the playground.

Akrina: Don’t play in the toilets as you are supposed to play outside.

Leeam: Do not kick balls on the concrete or tiger turf - you should only kick balls on the field when it’s open.

Sharon: You should NOT climb trees or poles.

Uzair: During terms 2 and 3, you should not wear track pants on the field.

Travis: Remember to take home any rubbish you bring to school. Don’t throw or leave any rubbish outside- Be Environment friendly

Arya: If you grab a milk carton you must drink it all and fold it before you put it in the milk bin.

Akrina: Make sure you look after the lonely people during playtime so they can have fun just like you would with your friends

Sharon: Make sure you WEAR your hat during Terms 1 and 4.

Everyone: Thank you and make sure you are responsible wherever you are.

Friday, 31 August 2018

Daffodil Mufti Day

This term we hosted another mufti day. We had Daffodil Mufti day where the children and staff at our school wore outfits which were either yellow or green. We supported the Cancer Society of New Zealand. A huge thanks to the PCS whanau for your support.  We really appreciated it!!! Here are the photos of the day.

Sunday, 29 July 2018

Cook Islands Language Week

The theme for Cook Islands Language Week this year is:

Kia Ngakau Parau, Kia Rangarangatu To Tatou Reo Maori Kuki Airani. 

Meaning: Be Proud of our Reo Maori- Kuki Airani and Protect it’s future

Have a look at some of the photos during the celebration of  Cook Islands Language Week. 

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Welcome to Term 3

The value for this term is Determination. We started this term by hosting the whole school singing assembly. We also presented a video on ways we can show determination and how some of our local heroes showed determination to achieve their goals and dreams!!!!

In Week 2, we are going to celebrate Cook Island Language Week by singing a Cook Island song called: Kua Iti Te Marama.

Have a look at the lyrics below:

 Kua iti te marama (the moon is shining)

I te po po'iri (in the dark night)

Toku tiaki'anga rai ia koe (I am waiting for you)

Kua pati au rai ia koe e 'ine (I wanted to ask you, my girl)

'Aere mai ka 'aere taua ki te 'ura (come, let's go to the hula)

Moumou i to manea (wasting your beauty)

E to ei tiare (and your flower necklace)

Tei rakei ia ki runga i to tino (that you wear on your body)